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Protege commenced its process in 1998, creating a variety of professional services which have been combined on account of the work, high quality, practical experience and, first and foremost, the trust placed in our work group.

  • Washing Openings with Mobile Vacuums.
  • In this perception, this site offers services of:.
  • Cleansing Tanks with 4,000 Liter Potential Van.
  • Cleansing Tanks with 12,000 Liters Capacity Truck.

Focused entirely on the quest for better competition and constant advancement, Protege started the execution of the Included Good quality / Setting method, establishing a policy proper to the function, the outdoors, degree and environmental affects from the business.

Activity essential to set up and revise goals and objectives.

To set up and revise goals

Protege makes use of products and remedies tailored to each and every client's requirements.

The sychronisation of functions, as well as our clients, identifies the sort of gear that matches every single scenario.

With this sensation, we provide providers of:

Clearance / unblocking of various sewage

High Pressure Program Deaerations

Detachments with Rotary Spring Methods

Cleansing operations - Specific washing teams - Control;

We operate 24 hours a day through the nationwide territory.

The operates are conducted within the optimum situations of Basic safety and Health, and considering the recommendations of the Ministry of the Surroundings, and preventive measures against toxins are adopted.

We deal with any finances and provide a ten percent discounted about the competitor's price range. Call Now 967 354 205 or 910 918 963

Within this sensation, our company offers professional services of:

Cleaning up of Fossils of various types of sewage

Up of

Cleaning up Tanks with 24,000 Liters Ability Vehicle

Cleansing Tanks with 12,000 Liters Capacity Truck

Washing Tanks with 8,000 Liters Capacity Vehicle

Cleansing Tanks with 4,000 Liter Capacity Pickup truck

Washing Openings with Easily transportable Vacuum Cleaners

Cleansing Procedures - Special Cleaning up Products - Layer Washing Fosas

We work round the clock throughout the nationwide territory.

Industrial cleaning up solutions features express-of-the-art cleaning up machines and techniques to ease the technique of cleaning. The cleansing jobs consist of window washing, household furniture and furnishings, surfaces and tiles, kitchen area and dining halls. The industrial washing organizations center on cleaning the gadgets such as pc Personal computer, phone etc. Upholstery cleaning is a form of task which involves sucking or cleaning accumulated dirt present in the carpeting. The procedure is accomplished between eighteen to 24 months. The cleansing companies also execute jobs like removal of graffiti, removing of litter.

At the time of signing the agreement, the cleaning organizations are wanted to offer consumables in the form of liquefied soap, container liners and pieces of paper bathroom towels. The professional cleaning can be a remarkably competing division along with a lower-paid out task. Even so, business union employees retrieve a massive salary. Today, most of professional washing businesses execute on-the-job study courses only for more fresh. The training course is generally organized due to the dearth of tertiary programs in the field of washing division. The principal goal for cleaning businesses is to eliminate potential harmful substances like the deplete cleansers. It can be vital to safeguard our nature.

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Those people included in the area of industrial cleansing are assigned the function of sometimes a custodian or possibly a janitor. Right now, most of the cleansing firms located in western world like usa and Modern australia conduct a display screen analyze well before hiring someone. This technique is carried out to check and validate an personal fails to hold any remnants of felony record.

The cleansing firms

The functions are carried out from the greatest conditions of Protection and Health, and taking into consideration the recommendations of your Ministry of your Setting, and safety measures in opposition to air pollution are adopted.

Protege has spend administration alternatives that fit each of your customers, all of our professional services are followed with the Ministry of the Setting version A transport information.

  1. Clearance / unblocking of various sewage.
  2. Washing Tanks with 24,000 Liters Capacity Truck.
  3. Focused entirely on the quest for increased competition and continuous advancement, Protege started out the execution.

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